Glycan Profiler GlycoStation Reader 2300 (GSR2300) is able to take its glycan profile from only three cells.

A group from Molecular and Cellular Glycoproteomics Research Group, Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Research Institute, AIST, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan, etc. has reported about the high performance of an evanescent-field fluorescence excitation scanner (glycan profiler), GSR2300.

In this paper, the latest model GSR2300 was called as mGSR1200-CMOS scanner, and the old model GSR1200 was called as mGSR1200 (CCD) scanner.

As a result, it was shown that the evanescent-field fuorescence scanner,GSR2300, showed superior performance compared to GSR1200, which was equipped with a high NA 1× infnity correction optical system and a high-end sCMOS image sensor in the digital binning mode.

In detail, GSR2300 enabled a better analysis with a higher sensitivity, accuracy, and reproducibility, leading to reliable glycomic profles, even with a small number of samples, such as purifed and crude glycoproteins from cells and tissues, in a shorter scanning time (min. 15 seconds). Notably, the lower limit of linearity range of GSR2300 was at least four times higher than that of GSR1200. With this feature, GSR2300 allows for the glycomic profling of only three cells, facilitating the detection of inter- and intra-heterogeneity among cell subpopulations.

It is no exaggeration to say that the world’s highest performance evanecent-filed fluorescence excitation scanner (glycan profiler) has appeared.