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News in 2023

FDA has recommended using a new IgG1-mAb-LecChip to pharmaceutical companies when developing IgG1mAbs to assess batch-to-batch or biosimilar-to-innovator glycan epitopes. GlycoStation Reader 2300 (GSR2300) is used in this work. Take a look at Mx blog site in more detail. (Dec. 8th, 2023)

By default, GSR2300 uses a dedicated scan mode (1×7 mode) that supports the LecChip format. We have now added a wide area scan mode (4×8 mode) so that you can scan a wider area. The mode change can be done just by rewriting a GSR definition file. This mode allows an area of ​​24mm x 68mm to be scanned. When scanning the LecChip under this mode, specify a 2×7 area as the scan area as shown in the figure below.

News(Trial Sales of OBS)

We will start trial sales of optic biome sensor (OBS) from March 2024. (Oct. 22nd, 2023)


We have a booth in the coming AGRI WEEK TOKYO2023. To visit this Show, please use this e-Invitation, otherwise you have to pay 5,000 JPY to enter this show.

Our booth location is 7-51. We are looking forward to meet you there. (Sept. 9th, 2023)

News(343 Poster Presentations@Glyco26)

There seems to be 343 Poster presentations in the upcoming Glyco26. There are three posters in which my name (Masao Yamada, emukk LLC) is included. If you have a time, please drop by the following posters. (Aug. 22nd, 2023)

A030Yuki Fujii, Nagasaki International University, Japan
Discovery of the First R-type Lectin from Mytilidae (sea mussels) and its Cellular Function
A031Ryuhei Hayashi, Yokohama City University, Japan
Purification of Tumor-associating Glycan-binding Lectins from the Marine Sponges
C050Patcharaporn Boottanun, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan
Improved Tissue Glycome Mapping Technique Revealed Cardiac Fibrosis-related Glycosylation Alterations in Rats with Hypertensive Heart Failure

News(AGRI WEEK Tokyo)

We will have a booth at the Japan’s Largest Show for Agricultural Technology, AGRI WEEK Tokyo. It became possible to search Exhibitors in this show. (Aug. 1st, 2023)

News (Stability of OBS)

The stability of OBS is very high with a very small noise ±0.1mV, having a measurement dynamic range of 5 orders of magnitude. (Jul 27th, 2023)

News (Measurement of Pseudomonas spp.)

It bacame possible to measure Pseudomonas spp. relatively widely in the low concentration range (from 200,000 cells/CC to 200 cells/CC) by Optic Biome Sensor (OBS) with adopting a new probe. The detailed explanation is written in the OBS site. (Jul. 24th, 2023)

News (Appearance image of OBS product version)

Here is an appearance image of Optic Biome Sensor (OBS) product version. We will continue to accumulate basic data. Stay tuned. (Jul. 7th, 2023)

News (Latest paper about GSR2300)

A latest paper discribing the high sensitivity of GSR2300 has been just published. It was demonstrated that cell glycomic profiling could be performed with only three cells using HEK293T cell lysates, which has the potential for the glycomic profiling of cell subpopulations. In this paper, GSR2300 was called as mGSR1200-CMOS scanner. (Jul. 4th, 2023)

News(Release of Lectin Microarray)

We are sorry to have kept you waiting for a long time.
Regarding the lectin microarray, our partner company has officially announced the start of manufacturing and sales of Lectin Microarrays. The partner company is Precision System Science Co., Ltd. (PSS).
The name of the released lectin microarray is LecChip®45-uni, and it uses the same format as LecChip Ver1.0 which was manufactured and sold by GlycoTechnica. However, No.44 GSL-I-A4 is not installed as shown below.

This lectin microarray can be scanned by GlycoStation® Reader and analyzed with GlycoStation® ToolsPro, the comparative glycan profiling analysis software, without problems as with LecChip Ver1.0. A compatible Lectin Microarray with LecChip Ver2.0, which was also manufactured by GlycoTechnica, will be released shortly. (Jul. 3rd, 2023)

LecChip® is a registered trademark of PSS, and GlycoStation® is a registered trademark of Mx.

News(OBS for a Gram-negative bacteria)

Regarding the sensitivity of the optic biome sensor (OBS) and the measurement range of the number of target bacteria, we have already completed data acquisition for Bacillus, a Gram-positive bacterium. We have also obtained a calibration curve for Pseudomonas, a Gram-negative bacterium. We are going to upload the data in a couple of days. (May. 26th, 2023)

News(Poster Presentation)

At Glyco26, which will be held from Aug. 27th to Sept. 1st, 2023, we are going to present two posters. One is a result of joint research with Dr. Atsushi Kuno et al., AIST, and it will be shown that it is possible to take glycan profiles from just a few cells using GSR2300. The other is a result of joint research with Prof. Yasuhiro Ozeki et al., Yokohama City University, and the results of analyzing the glycan binding specificity of lectins extracted from marine animals using glycan microarrays will be presented. (May. 10th, 2023)


Although it is small, we have decided to support the 20th JCGG2023 symposium. (Apr. 15th, 2023)

News(OBS for a Gram-positive bacteria)

Information on the sensitivity of the optic biome sensor (OBS) and the measurement range of the target bacteria (in terms of bacterial concentration = number/mL) has been discolsed on the following page, Basic performance of OBS. (Apr. 7th, 2023)

News (Optic Biome Sensor: OBS)

The prototype of Optic Biome Sensor (OBS) unit 2 has been completed. In this unit, the optical fiber can be replaceable, and the housing is made of black almite with improved robustness. The purpose of this unit is a functional test before commercialization, improving the level of completeness, and minimizing differences between models. The size of OBS is the size of a smartphone. It will also be used for data accumulation for application development. (Feb. 15th, 2023)

Optic Biome Sensor (OBS) unit 2, prototype

News (Business alliance agreement)

Our company and Precision System Science Co., Ltd. signed a business alliance agreement on February 10, 2023.

News (Conference)

The new coronavirus has passed the peak, and restrictions on overseas travel have become normal these days. Three years have passed since my last overseas trip. This year, we plan to participate in Glyco26, which will be held in Taiwan from Aug. 27th to Sept. 1st, 2023. (January 30, 2023)


Emukk will display its strategic development products in the coming AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2023 (from Oct. 11th to 13th, 2023) (Jan. 23rd, 2023).

News (Lectin microarray)

The supply of lectin microarrays is expected to start around April 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your patience for the time being (Jan. 6th, 2023).

News (Company name)

The registered company name is ”合同会社エムック” in Japanese. “Mx” will be used as a company logo (Jan. 6th, 2023).

News (emukk LLC)

A Happy New Year.

Mx(emukk)will be registered as “emukk LLC” to Tsu Legal Affairs Bureau, shortly (Jan. 1st, 2023).

News in 2022

News (Remarks)

The glycan profiling analysis software GlycoStation® ToolsPro Ver1.5 and Ver2.0 does not work on Windows 11. To use ToolsPro on Windows 11, you need to purchase Ver3.0 (December 8th, 2022).

Glycan profiler, GSR2300

News (Price Revision)

Due to the serious impact of rising prices for semiconductor parts, we will revise the list prices of the glycan profilers. The list price of GlycoStation® Reader 2300 (GSR2300) is kept as used to be, and that of GlycoSuperLite 2200 (GSL2200) is 10% up. The list prices are subject to change by the currency exchange fluctuation (November 24th, 2022).

News (Glycan Profiler)

Lectin microarray, scanned image

A detailed explanation about performance of GlycoStation® Reader 2300(SR2300)was uploaded (November 20th, 2022). Performance of GSR2300

Five key persons talk about typical applications of Lectin microarrays. Essence of comparative glycan profiling analysis using Lectin microarrays

News (Standardization)

Standard formats of Lectin microarray were uploaded (November 19th, 2022). Standard formats of Lectin microarrays (Standarization of Glycan analysis technology)

News (Website protection from Bot)

reCAPTCHA was installed in this Homepage (November 11th, 2022). What is Google’s reCAPTCHA?

News (Blogs)

As for SARS-CoV-2, mRNA vaccines have worked so well, and no therapeutic drugs, except antibody cocktail therapy, have shown sufficient effects against it. The pandemic seems to be coming to an end soon, and I would like to end the topic of SARS-CoV-2 on the Mx blog (October 28th, 2022).

News (Standardization)

The standard protocol for Lectin Microarrays was uploaded. Standard protocol for lectin Microarrays

News (Lectin microarray)

There are two types of lectin microarrays, Ver1.0 and Ver2.0, which are manufactured and supplied by a partner company. Please contact us when ordering. The information about lectins and their glycan binding specificity are written in Products & Services page. Introduction of Products & Services (Glycan profiler, Analysis software, Lectin microarray, Culture media etc.)

News (R&D)

YCU Glycobiology Laboratory (Cartoon Style)

Prof. Sakar M. A. Kawsar (University of Chittagong, and Visiting Prof. Yokohamacity University (YCU)), Dr. Masao Yamada (Mx representative and Visiting Prof. YCU), and Prof. Yasuhiro Ozeki (YCU), etc. have reported about new inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 protease enzyme. Inhibitors for SARS-CoV-2 protease enzyme

News (R&D)

At the 45th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan, November 30th to December 2nd, 2022, at Makuhari Messe, a presentation titled as “Evaluation of an improved evanescent fluorescence scanner suitable for high-resolution glycome mapping of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections ” will be presented as a joint activity with researchers from Molecular and Cellular Glycoproteomics Research Group, Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Research Institute, AIST. You can see glycan profiling from a quite small sample using the high-performance glycan profiler GSR2300. The 45th Annual Meeting of the Molecular Biology Society of Japan

News (New Business Development)

Agri Tech Grand Prix 2022 (Cartoon Style)

Team AgroHolobiont (Mx is the main member of this team) was selected as one of the finalists in AGRI TECH Grand Prix 2022. Mx is engaged in developing a Microbiome Sensor (MBS).

Strategy of AgroHolobiont to realize Regenerative and Sustainable Agriculture

News (Glycan Profilers)

Mx will start Manufacturing and Sales of Glycan Profilers (GlycoStation® Reader 2300, GlycoSuperLite 2200) after 2022, Aug. 12th. It will be also possible to handle Repair and Maintenance of old products sold from Moritex, GP Biosciences, and GlycoTechnica, of course it will depend on equipment conditions and repair parts availability. The trademark “GlycoStation” has also been transferred from GlycoTechnica to Mx.

News (New Product)

Let me introduce you an ultra-low-cost, ultra-high-speed, high-sensitivity glycan profiler (GSL2200). Please refer to the following pdf for the specifications of the device, including the comparison with the current Highend glycan profiler. GlycoSuperLite was released