Welcome to Mx’s (to be pronounced as emukk’s) Homepage

July 19th, 2022 is the second Anniversary of this homepage. Current main issues on Mx homepage are as follows. Basically, Mx is a research and development type business entity.

  • General biological phenomena related to Glycans and Lectins and those application to real life
  • Elucidation of complex systems, rhizospheric microbiota as an typical example, and realization of regenerative agriculture, food safety
  • Biosensors (Glycan Profiler, Optic Biome Sensor, etc.)
  • Easy to use Statistical Analysis & Deep Learning Software (GlycoStation®SA/DL Easy)
  • R&D consumables (Culture media for MSC, Special Culture media, Lectin, etc.)
With and After Corona’s world will transform various social structures, including work styles. So, Let’s move forward with our life, breaking from the past. We are now developing a new business with the goal of contributing to food safety in order to realize a sustainable society. (Cartoon Style)
Optic Biome Sensor related applications (under business development)
from Japan to the World

News(OBS for a Gram-negative bacteria)

Regarding the sensitivity of the optic biome sensor (OBS) and the measurement range of the number of target bacteria, we have already completed data acquisition for Bacillus, a Gram-positive bacterium. We have also obtained a calibration curve for Pseudomonas, a Gram-negative bacterium. We are going to upload the data in a couple of days. (May. 26th, 2023)

News(Poster Presentation)

At Glyco26, which will be held from Aug. 27th to Sept. 1st, 2023, we are going to present two posters. One is a result of joint research with Dr. Atsushi Kuno et al., AIST, and it will be shown that it is possible to take glycan profiles from just a few cells using GSR2300. The other is a result of joint research with Prof. Yasuhiro Ozeki et al., Yokohama City University, and the results of analyzing the glycan binding specificity of lectins extracted from marine animals using glycan microarrays will be presented. (May. 10th, 2023)


Although it is small, we have decided to support the 20th JCGG2023 symposium. (Apr. 15th, 2023)

News(OBS for a Gram-positive bacteria)

Information on the sensitivity of the optic biome sensor (OBS) and the measurement range of the target bacteria (in terms of bacterial concentration = number/mL) has been discolsed on the following page, Basic performance of OBS. (Apr. 7th, 2023)

News (Optic Biome Sensor: OBS)

Optic Biome Sensor (OBS)

The prototype of Optic Biome Sensor (OBS) unit 2 has been completed. In this unit, the optical fiber can be replaceable, and the housing is made of black almite with improved robustness. The purpose of this unit is a functional test before commercialization, improving the level of completeness, and minimizing differences between models. The size of OBS is the size of a smartphone. It will also be used for data accumulation for application development. (Feb. 15th, 2023)

News (Business alliance agreement)

Our company and Precision System Science Co., Ltd. signed a business alliance agreement on February 10, 2023.

News (Conference)

The new coronavirus has passed the peak, and restrictions on overseas travel have become normal these days. Three years have passed since my last overseas trip. This year, we plan to participate in Glyco26, which will be held in Taiwan from Aug. 27th to Sept. 1st, 2023. (January 30, 2023)


Emukk will display its strategic development products in the coming AGRI WEEK TOKYO 2023 (from Oct. 11th to 13th, 2023) (Jan. 23rd, 2023).

News (Lectin microarray)

The supply of lectin microarrays is expected to start around April 2023. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and ask for your patience for the time being (Jan. 6th, 2023).

News (Company name)

The registered company name is ”合同会社エムック” in Japanese. “Mx” will be used as a company logo (Jan. 6th, 2023).

News (emukk LLC)

A Happy New Year.

Mx(emukk)will be registered as “emukk LLC” to Tsu Legal Affairs Bureau, shortly (Jan. 1st, 2023).

Past news archived in news list.

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