Statistical Analysis & Deep Learning Software

GlycoStation® SA/DL Easy

Deep learning (DL) is a multi-layered recognition algorithm modeled on the human brain neural network, and is widely applied as a method of AI due to its high recognition ability. You’d like to try it, but it’s might be too difficult, if you don’t know Python well and you can’t code your own models, right?
This software uses Google’s Tensorflow, which has a well-established backend, and is equipped with an easy-to-use GUI that allows you to build a DL model with only a mouse operation, and input data to perform deep learning. Why don’t you feed your own data into this software and experience the world of deep learning.
This software also has functions for hierarchical clustering analysis and principal component analysis, which are frequently used for data classification.

Φ=Activation Fuction, yi=Outputs optimized by Softmax function

Output Examples

Hierarchical clustering analysis, Dendrogram display
Hierarchical clustering analysis, Heatmap display
Principal component analysis, with components display
Principal component analysis, 3D display
Deep Learning, Accuracy function
Deep Learning, Loss function