Examples of existing Biostimulants

Biostimulants are new technologies that reduce plant damage caused by climate and soil conditions and increase plant yields. In particular, effects such as suppression of pathogenic bacteria by regulation of rhizospheric microbiome, secretion of plant growth hormone, and solubilization of plant nutrients in soil are attracting attention.

In this respect, there are already several products on the market. I would like to introduce some of them.
Rice Toreru (called KODA, contains α-linolenic acid collected from duckweed that grows in paddy fields, and exhibits a plant growth-regulating effect)
Dr. Kinkon (Contains arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and promotes symbiotic effects with plants)
Dr. Actinomycetes (Contains actinomycetes, Gram-positive bacteria, suppressing pathogenic bacteria)
Trichodesoyl (contains the ascomycete Trichoderma and inhibits pathogenic bacteria)
Chitin (N-GlcNAc activates plant immunity and serves as food for actinomycetes)

AgroHolobiont is developing novel microbiome sensors (MBS) to improve the effects of these existing biostimulants, as well as developing new biostimulants.
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