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Glycan Profiler and Glycan Profiling Analysis Software Glycan Profiling using Lectin microarrays Glycan Profiler is a kind of microarray scanner. This naming was given to emphasize that it is possible to get high fidelity Glycan Profiling. And, GlycoStation® is the name of our platform for Glycan Profiling Analysis. GlycoStation® Reader is a scanner in this platform, and was designed to be able to take Glycan Profiles of glycoproteins by using Lectin microarrays. GlycoStation® Reader is possible to detect very weak glycan-lectin biomolecular interactions non-destructively with using an evanescent-field fluorescence excitation technology. Accordingly, it is very strong in Glycan Profiling Analysis, but is able to scan Glycan array nondestructively as well. GlycoStation is the registered trademark of Mx. Reference) Evanescent-field fluorescence-assisted lectin microarray: a new strategy for glycan profiling, Atsushi Kuno, Noboru Uchiyama, Shiori Koseki-Kuno, Youji Ebe, Seigo Takashima, Masao Yamada & Jun Hirabayashi, Nature Methods (2005) Development of an ultra-high sensitive and high-speed glycomic profiling scanner (Joint Development with AIST) Prominent features of GSR2300 The current high-end Glycan Profiler is GlycoStation® Reader 2300 (GSR2300). And, GlycoStation® Reader 2200 (GSR2200) was a sibling of the GSR2300 and has been integrated with the GSR2300 now. Comparing GSR2300 with the first generation Glycan profiler GSR1200, the prominent feature is that two contradictory functions (i.e., high sensitivity and fast scanning) are satisfied simultaneously in GSR2300. It is able to scan microarray surface in only 15 seconds with ultra-high sensitivity. Taking into consideration that the common microarray scanners need around 10 minutes for the scanning, GSR2300 would be a world fastest scanner with ultra-high sensitivity. Utilizing its low noise detection capability, the linearity in a lower signal range is also greatly improved, and thereby the dynamic range in lower signal side is greatly expanded. Faster is always better. Please have an experience with the world fastest and the ultra-high sensitivity scanner GSR2300. You will be unable to get back to other scanners, if you experience such high speed scanning with this. Featuring Specs of GSR2300 Scanned images: High resolution and Low distortion In order to satisfy above listed specs, the optical system was redesigned completely, and a proprietary lens (named GT lens) with high NA and wider field size is used in GSR2300. The detailed explanation about the performance of GSR2300 is written in the following link and a latest paper as a reference. Detailed explanation about the performance of GSR2300 Reference)A latest paper about the high sensitivity of GSR2300, An improved evanescent fluorescence scanner suitable for high-resolution glycome mapping of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue sections, Patcharaporn Boottanun, Chiaki Nagai-Okatani, Misugi Nagai, Umbhorn Ungkulpasvich, Shinjiro Yamane, Masao Yamada & Atsushi Kuno, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (2023) . In this paper, GSR2300 was called as mGSR1200-CMOS scanner. Ultra-high speed, High sensitive Glycan Profiler We are pleased to inform you of the release of GlycoSuperLiteTM 2200 (GSL2200: US Model # GSL1150), the next generation of GlycoLite. The former GlycoLite 2200 (GL2200) has been already discontinued. GlycoSuperLiteTM must be the long-awaited basic glycan profiler with greatly improved appearance and … Continue reading Products & Services